Mission and scope of activities

ASPPE’s mission is to develop program and policy evaluation into a mature profession in Russia.

ASPPE brings together experts in program and policy evaluation and works for its members.
ASPPE does not provide services on program and policy evaluation.
ASPPE shall not be engaged into politics in any form.
ASPPE does not promote individual professionals or companies, and provides no recommendations, or warranties of its members’ professional level.
“Program” refers to a particular form of organizing activities oriented to the implementation of the planned changes. Program is characterized by a particular purpose and includes several projects, where each of them contributes to the achievement of program’s objectives.
“Project” refers to the activity limited by a particular time frame and aimed at creating a unique result, product or service.
“Policies” refer to the guidelines and rules, in accordance to which, the government agencies, non-profit organizations or business entities carry out their activities.
“Evaluation” refers to an analytical procedure that can be carried out at all stages of a program or policy life cycle, and can be aimed at making statement about the potential or de facto effectiveness, sustainability and adequacy of the program or policy, as well as  about the effective use of resources and the impact of a program or policy.