About Association

Welcome to ASPPE website!

The Association was established on May 15, 2014.

Its mission is to develop program and policy evaluation into a mature profession in Russia.

ASPPE brings together experts in program and policy evaluation and works for its members. ASPPE entry terms can be found here.

ASPPE is not a legal entity.

ASPPE does not provide services on program and policy evaluation.

ASPPE shall not be engaged into politics in any form.

ASPPE does not promote individual professionals or companies, and provides no recommendations or warranties of its members’ professional level.

The key areas of ASPPE activities are: 

  • Studying, developing and disseminating knowledge in the field of  program and policy evaluation;
  • Studying, developing and disseminating knowledge in the field of impact assessment (RIA, EIA and others);
  • Facilitating professional development of evaluation specialists;
  • Creating and promoting norms and standards for high-quality evaluation in Russia;
  • Facilitating information exchange among evaluation specialists in Russia;
  • Integrating Russian evaluation specialists into the international community of evaluation professionals.
ASPPE performs the following activities:
  • Conducts conferences and “round tables”;
  • Conducts training events (seminars, trainings, distance learning, webinars);
  • Develops and supports of specialized Internet resources (websites, e-zines, blogs, information portals);
  • Issues newsletter to the members;
  • Establishes and develops contacts with professional associations of specialists in program and policy evaluation in the CIS and the far abroad.

The Association is managed by the Board of Directors headed by the President. The Association’s eight-member Board is elected for 3 years. The term of office of ASPPE’s President is one year.

ASPPE activities are supported by:

  • The funds of the charity program “Promoting Development of Social Programs Evaluation” of the “Garant” Fund (Arkhangelsk);
  • The funds of the Association’s partners involved in organizing the Association’s events.

Membership in ASPPE is individual and voluntary. ASPPE President for 2014–2015 is Alexey KUZMIN (“Process Consulting” Company, Moscow), and his successor for 2015–2016 will be Marina MIKHAILOVA (“Garant” Center, Arkhangelsk). 

“Garant” Center (NGO Resource Center based in Arkhangelsk) is ASPPE’s strategic operating partner. It maintains a program supporting evaluation capacity development in Russia. Funds for this program are managed by the ASPPE Board and are used to support the Association’s activities. The program welcomes both individual and corporate donations

While ASPPE working language is mainly Russian, we will use both Russian and English to open our conferences and other events for international colleagues. Information on such events will be disseminated through major international evaluation networks and published in English on this website. 

For all questions related to the ASPPE’s activities, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: info@eval.ru