Governance and management

 ASPPE is managed by the Board headed by the President.
ASPPE Board is elected for 3 years. The term of office of ASPPE President is one year.
The Board works in accordance with the Rules.
ASPPE Board:
  • develops the Association’s strategy and evaluating its implementation;
  • defines priority areas and activities of the Association;
  • develops administrative policies, procedures and the Rules of the Association;
  • makes decisions on creating and closing regional offices of the Association;
  • makes decisions on cooperation with various partners of the Association in Russia and abroad,
  • makes decisions on the amount membership fees;
  • creates working groups and committees for the purposes of the Association,
  • puts any questions to the vote of the Association’s members.
ASPPE President:
  • organizes and coordinates the activities of the Board, including the convening and holding of its meetings (usually remote);
  • represents the Association in relations with professional, scientific and expert organizations, scientific community, Russian and foreign media.
  • Direct online secret voting by the Association’s members is held for the following purposes:
  • electing the members of the Association’s the Board;
  • electing the President of the Association;
  • electing the audit committee;
  • making decision on liquidation or reorganization of the Association;
  • making other decisions if necessary at the discretion of the Board. 
The voting results are determined by a simple majority of the total number of participants of the vote.