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ACT Government Evaluation Policy., (2010) Australian Capital Territory Government.
The ACT Government is committed to strengthening the manner in which its policies and programs are evaluated to improve performance and accountability in its functions and across the services it provides to the community.
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DFID Evaluation Policy., (2013) UK Department for International Development.
The policy emphasises the importance of high quality evaluation. Robust, high quality evaluation of development spending is needed to determine whether the desired effects are being realised. Also, the policy provides clarity and consistency in the design, conduct and use of evaluation irrespective of origin, funding modality or implementing agency.
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EBRD Evaluation Policy., (2013) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
This policy establishes the scope and objectives served by evaluation in the EBRD. It sets out the evaluation-related activities and responsibilities; principles guiding evaluation and the specific internal roles and responsibilities required to accomplish effective evaluation; it also provides the essential framework for procedures and methods; and, it specifically covers response by Management to evaluation findings.
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Environment Canada Evaluation Policy., (2013) Environment Canada.
The objective of the policy is to ensure that Environment Canada has an effective and independent evaluation function.
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Evaluation policy and guidelines for evaluations Netherlands., (2009) Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs..
(2009). Evaluation policy and guidelines for evaluations Netherlands:
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Evaluation policy., (2012) World Health Organization.
The evaluation policy has been informed by best practices, WHO’s own experience, and the United Nations Evaluation Group.
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IFAD Evaluation Policy., (2003) International Fund for Agricultural Development.
The focus of this document is on independent evaluation, which in IFAD is the role of Office of Evaluation.
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ILO policy guidelines for results-based evaluation: principles, rationale, planning and managing for evaluations., (2013) International Labour Office Evaluation Unit.
These ILO evaluation guidelines are written for any ILO staff tasked to plan, manage, oversee and/or follow up on an evaluation.
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The GEF Monitoring and Evaluation Policy., (2010) GEF Evaluation Office.
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) addresses global environmental issues while supporting national sustainable development initiatives. In such a large partnership, a special challenge is posed in adequately monitoring and evaluating the achievements of the GEF, taking into account the activities of all partners in a consistent and coherent manner. The GEF Monitoring and Evaluation Policy aims to address that challenge.
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UNITAR Monitoring and Evaluation Policy Framework., (2012) United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).
The purpose is to develop a more credible and consistent framework for strengthened accountability, organizational learning, quality improvement and informed decision-making in programming and operations, as well as to contribute to the professionalization of the monitoring and evaluation functions of the Institute.
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US Department of State Program Evaluation Policy, (2012) Bureau of Resource Management
The policy applies to evaluations of the Department’s diplomatic and development programs, projects and activities.
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USAID Evaluation Policy., (2011) United States Agency for International Development.
Built on our agency’s rich tradition of evaluation, this policy sets out an ambitious recommitment to learn as we do, updating our standards and practices to address contemporary needs. In an increasingly complex operating environment, the discipline of development demands a strong practice and use of evaluation as a crucial tool to inform our global development efforts, and to enable us to make hard choices based on the best available evidence.
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